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We love Volunteers!

We are looking for the following people to step up to fill these positions.  There’s something for everybody.  This isn’t it though.  Looking for another way to volunteer or have something to contribute that’s not listed here?  Send us an email at victoriaslutwalk@gmail.com

EducatorsHave a talent for public speaking?  Love talking to others?  We need people who want to lead info sessions and let people know about the SlutWalk movement.  Whether it’s on Campus or downtown, or any other places you can think of, the goal right now is raising awareness, answering questions, and letting people know what we’re all about!

Outreach team
Victoria SlutWalk has a list of amazing organizations we want to work with, and we need help getting in touch with them to let them know what we’re all about. 
Have any organizations you think will want to get involved with SlutWalk?  Let us know and help us reach out!